Nice Mattress
Nice Mattress
Nice Mattress
Nice Mattress
Nice Mattress

Nice Mattress

Sku: 21.01.1281.00


Width: 190 cm | Height: 90 cm | Depth: 19 cm

Nice Bed from Çilek

Our bed has a simple and spacious appearance with its snow-white color and elegant quilting with geometric patterns.

It has high breathability thanks to its knitted fabric. The Nice mattress, which always carries the feeling of softness, offers a unique touch experience and brings a quality sleep.

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    Knit Fabric

    Knit fabric perfectly accommodates your child's sensitive skin with its soft texture, supports staying cool throughout the night thanks to breathability, and offers freedom of movement with its flexible structure.

    Its snow-white color and fun geometric patterned surface adapt to your child's world while easy-care features ensure the mattress's longevity. Knit fabric makes your child's most precious moments of sleep even more comfortable, providing them with an unforgettable sleep experience.

    Quilted Foam

    Quilted foam provides a special touch to the delicate skin of babies and children by combining pattern and foam with soft surfaces. This design is intended to gently embrace the body, ensuring that every area of the foam offers equal support and softness, especially for the little ones.

    Comfort Foam

    Comfort Foam, with its soft touch, collaborates seamlessly with the springs to offer perfect support by gently enveloping the body. Designed to facilitate the peaceful sleep and growth of babies and children, this system tenderly cradles their every movement.

    Hercules Spring

    Hercules spring is designed to provide the right support and comfort during the growth period. Hercules spring perfectly embraces the body to create an ideal sleep position during sleep and helps start the day energetically.

    With its sturdy structure, it offers long-lasting use while contributing to your child's healthy sleep habits by supporting their spine.

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