In Lean Management, there is no waste, there is respect forpeople.

In essence, Lean Production and Lean Management signify producing products and services without waste, getting it right the first time, and delivering them to the customer as swiftly as possible. At the core philosophy of Lean thinking lies the elimination of all forms of waste that burdens the system. Achieving this requires a foundation of respect for people and continuous education.

Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy Our commitment is to consistently offer consumers the most secure, cost-effective, and functional products. To achieve this policy and our goals, we:

1. Leverage cutting-edge technology.

2. Enhance consumer awareness and the competencies of our employees to ensure accessibility.

3. Continuously develop and improve, while adhering to the requirements of our quality management system.

Our Certificates

Çilek products, designed and manufactured in accordance with advanced child safety standards, are produced using health-friendly materials compliant with European Union regulations and state-of-the-art technology.

Our certifications include:
• CE Certificate: Ensuring compliance with advanced safety standards for Çilek electric accessories.

• REACH Certificate for Packaged Materials: Confirming the use of materials that meet regulatory requirements.

• RoHS Directive and EN 71-3 Toxic Element Analysis: Demonstrating the compliance of paints and edge bands used in metal and plastic materials.

• ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management System Certifications: Reflecting our commitment to quality and environmental management.

• TSE E1 Conformity Certificate: Validating that Çilek furniture, produced in accordance with the E1 standard, is free from carcinogenic effects, as certified by TSE.

Çilek Warranty

The Çilek Warranty covers all products bearing the Çilek brand against manufacturing defects, breakage, and fading. Çilek maintains complete control throughout the production process. As a result, we provide functional, stylish, comfortable, and highly reliable products that offer outstanding quality and value for your investment. Çilek-branded products, designed with special attention, are manufactured to meet the highest technological standards.

Behind this warranty is the Çilek Team, dedicated to using quality materials, advanced technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and exceptional design.

We kindly ask you to carefully read the usage instructions specified on the products. Damages such as tearing, fading, breakage, and wear resulting from incorrect usage or cleaning methods are not covered by the warranty.