ISO 14001 Environment Managament System

Recognizing that the raw materials required for furniture production are sourced from natural resources, our fundamental principles include:

• Adhering to legal regulations concerning the environment.

• Establishing objectives aimed at reducing waste and the consumption of natural resources while continually seeking improvements.

Aligned with these principles and objectives, we enhance employee training and engagement levels to bolster our positive impact on both humanity and the environment.

Information Security

As employees of the company, we are committed to:

• Managing all risks associated with the sustainability of our business processes and information assets.

• Operating our management system in accordance with ISO 27001 standards for Information Security.

• Minimizing disruptions to all core and supporting activities within our organization.

• Cultivating awareness of "Information Security" among our employees, customers, and suppliers.

• Complying with all legal regulations and contracts related to "Information Security."

• Working diligently day and night to safeguard the integrity and reputation of our institution.