AURA FRESH OCEAN, مرتبة سرير
AURA FRESH OCEAN, مرتبة سرير
AURA FRESH OCEAN, مرتبة سرير
AURA FRESH OCEAN, مرتبة سرير

مرتبة سرير

Sku: 21.01.1270.00


عرض: 200 cm | ارتفاع: 90 cm | عمق: 23 cm

Aura Fresh Ocean Mattress from Çilek

Our sense of smell makes our life meaningful and continues to perceive during sleep. Smell is an important factor in sleep quality. Body odors are absorbed by the mattress and spread again. Undesirable odors may occur in our bed after a while. Aura Fresh Ocean has been developed in order to create a healthy sleep environment by cleaning the air of the bed. Aura Fresh Ocean is designed to eliminate odors, not mask them. Thanks to its special formulation, it neutralizes many different odors. By greatly reducing bad odors, it cleans the air of the environment and improves sleep quality. Its effect does not disappear for a long time, it prepares the ground for a healthy sleep.

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    Specially Formulated Fabric

    Thanks to its unique and complex composition, this specially formulated fabric instantly neutralizes unwanted odors, and its effects are long-lasting. Smells such as tobacco, sweat, and food are no longer a cause for concern, all thanks to this special fabric.

    While enjoying a consistently fresh and clean environment, it also provides a refreshing sensation with every touch, thanks to its specially formulated fabric.

    Quilted Foam

    The quilting foam combines a soft surface with a carefully crafted pattern to provide a soft touch for the sensitive skin of babies and children.

    The pattern is designed to gently conform to the contours of the little ones' bodies, ensuring that every area of the foam offers consistent support and softness.

    Comfort Foam

    The Comfort Foam, with its soft touch, ensures seamless interaction with the springs, delivering perfect support by gently enveloping the body.

    Designed to support babies and children in sleeping comfortably and growing, this system gently cradles their every movement.

    Pocket Spring

    The pocket spring system, working precisely for each spring, embraces the body and provides optimal support. It helps babies and children maintain a proper body position during their growth stages while maximizing their comfort.

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