Bedside Cot (50x90 cm)
Bedside Cot (50x90 cm)
Bedside Cot (50x90 cm)
Bedside Cot (50x90 cm)
Bedside Cot (50x90 cm)
Bedside Cot (50x90 cm)
Bedside Cot (50x90 cm)
Product Assembly Guide

Width: 95 cm | Height: 79 cm | Depth: 55 cm

• Our product is designed and manufactured in accordance with TSE and European standards in terms of safety and health conditions.
• The height of the bed base can be adjusted in 10 different levels. In this way, it can be used in compliance with all parent cots.
• With the help of metal hooks on the front of the bed base, it can be used by fixing it practically to the side board of the parent bed.
• It is suitable for babies to be used for 0-6 months.
• There is a 50x90x7 cm foam mattress in the product.
• Bed sponge is produced in the most suitable density recommended for babies. The zippered case can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine in a delicate setting.
• There is a bed metal hanger on the back plate to hang the basic items of babies such as pacifiers, handkerchiefs and diapers.
• Curve method is applied in all parts for the safety of babies and parents.
• The product can also be used as a sitting unit during the periods when babies are suitable for their development age.

Materials Information:
• The melamine particle boards used in the product have the E1 standards and do not threaten the consumers health.
• The edges of the melamine particle boards are covered with 0,40 and 2 mm thick PVC foil applied with polyurethane based glue.
• The surfaces of the metal materials are covered with electrostatic powder paint and have a 10-year stainless steel warranty.
• Plastic materials are produced from ABS raw materials and do not threaten human health.
• Local and foreign brands which manufactures products in accordance with TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) and Europe standards were preferred in the attaching materials. Instructions for use:
• The product should be used according to the rules specified in the user manual included in the package.
• For the safety of babies, it should not be used in areas other than the parent bed.
• It should be paid attention that the floor of the room where the product will be used is smooth.
• When moving the product in the room, it should never be moved by sliding on the floor. It should be carried in a balanced manner with at least two / 3 people.
• You should not go beyond the standard designs determined by Çilek Furniture, never change the location of the fixed parts in the product, and never add parts.

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